Hello, I am Minka! This page is for information on my art commissions!


By purchasing my art services or adoptables, you agree to the following conditions.
Please read this entirely and carefully. I will deny your request if I see you didn’t read this.
If there are any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me.
PAYMENT❖ For commissions and adoptables, I take Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo or DeviantArt Points only.❖ All Paypal payments will be made through invoice method unless otherwise specified by me. I will invoice you. DO NOT send me any payment if I am sending you an invoice, it will be refunded.❖ Payment is due in full up front for any commissions. Payment Plans can be discussed for larger commissions. We can also discuss 50/50 payment, where you pay 50% up front, and the other 50% once you get and approve the commission sketch. (50/50 payment does NOT apply for sketch commissions.)❖ I give refunds on a case by case basis.❖ If you request a refund for a custom one off, please be aware I will reuse the sketch (but not your theme/what you wanted) to make a different adoptable to sell.❖ In the case of requesting a refund for a custom for a different species that is not owned by me, I will turn the sketch into a YCH. This also goes for any regular commissions where refunds are requested.❖ Once the work is completed I will not give refunds.ARTIST'S RIGHTSBy commissioning me, you’re purchasing my artist labor only. I retain all copyrights over my work and can use the image as a sample for sales/self-promotion, unless otherwise agreed upon.❖ I will respect your request to not publicly post your commission. No explanation necessary.❖ I cannot claim the Intellectual Property or reuse/resell the image for personal and commercial projects unless it was agreed upon.❖ I reserve the right to reject your commission proposal without question. This includes if you did not follow the rules for said order.❖ I reserve the right to modify and resell any rejected sketches as "pre-posed" at a later date.❖ My art is NOT ALLOWED to be used in AI Generators.COMMISSIONER'S RIGHTSThe commissioner may upload the work done for them to their site as long as it is credited and linked back to any of my galleries. Once a piece is commissioned, you may use it for any personal use that you please, including but not limited to icons, signatures, layouts, wallpapers, themes and personal site display.❖ You retain the rights to the IP.❖ You may not claim the work to be your own, edit or set it up for redistribution. You may not use it for any commercial purposes, unless otherwise agreed upon.❖ If you are looking for something to redistribute, reproduce, use for your project(s), as an ad, for a video, to resell at conventions etc. Speak to me for information on royalty fees.❖ If you are not sure whether your request counts as personal, feel free to ask me about its intended use.❖ This DOES NOT include turning/using my work for Blockchain Technologies (see below for more information on that)ADOPTABLE INFORMATIONThe commissioner may upload the adoptable that they buy or purchase as a custom to their site as long as it is credited and linked back to any of my galleries. Once a character design is commissioned, you may use it for any commercial and personal use that you please, however, this DOES NOT include turning/using my work for Blockchain Technologies (see below for more information on that) or using my artwork for merch.❖ For one off designs, you may resell them for any price, even if you got it in a trade.❖ If the design I do for you is a part of another closed species not owned by me, then you have to follow that TOS. Do not use my TOS to try to bypass other Closed Species rules, please. The same goes for if you buy a one off design from me and turn it into a different closed species.❖ Any design you get from me, you have my permission to use it for other species. However, please keep the designs together if you do!BLOCKCHAIN-TECHNOLOGY WARNINGIf it is discovered that a client uses any artwork created by me as an NFT or cryptocurrency in any form at any time, the client shall:
❖ Have their commission be removed from my public art-hosting services
❖ Delete the offending material(s) from all blockchain-associated technologies, services, and platforms.❖ Return the entire amount earned from the NFT or cryptocurrency sales using a government-recognized currency.❖ Be banned from using my services.Any protest or dispute will result in a DMCA being filed to forcibly remove my artwork from such spaces, with this contract linked as proof.PROCEDUREPreface. You understand that Minka is not working with only your priorities in mind. I will always do my best to get commissions done in a timely manner - usually within a month. You may ask me for updates at any time.❖ After payment is received: I will sketch, color and paint depending on your commission type.❖ Please have clear references of your characters. Flat colored, non textured images work the best. For custom designs, please fill out the form I give you to the best of your ability. Complex characters will have an upcharge depending on complexity.❖ Sketch commissions do not have an approval stage. You may request changes if I missed any distinguishing features present in your reference.❖ For larger, full color commissions or adoptables, you may ask for bigger changes. I am pretty lenient on how many changes I will make, but if I feel you are asking for too many changes there may be a charge of $5 for every change after that.❖ Please be clear and concise in your description of the change. You can use other works and photos you like as references for the changes! You may even draw over my artwork to show exactly what you mean.❖ I will always give you the final artwork for approval. I will also fix any color errors of your character! Please let me know if I have made any mistakes. Anything that needs to be fixed on my mistake, as it was on your reference(s) and I missed it, will always be fixed for free.❖ A full size, non watermarked image will be given to the commissioner.I DO NOT DRAWSexual Things/Fetishes | Pedophilia | Racist Icons or Characters | (more to be added)If you're not sure if I'd accept your idea, please elaborate on your request privately.This document can and will be edited at any time without the need of further notice.Last update: September 12th, 2022

Commission Prices

1. Prices are per character
2. Price will increase depending on the complexity of what is wanted. The prices listed below are just the base prices.

Just the Sketch - $10+
Colored Sketch - $20+

100 x 100

Static Emojis
128 x 128

Animated Emoji
128 x 128

Static Sticker
320 x 320

Animated Sticker
320 x 320



Character Design
Price varies depending on what is wanted.
Small Simple Design:
350 x 350
Small simple design on a small canvas. Simple body structures, price will go up depending on complexity of markings, accessories wanted, etc.
Simple Design:
Simple body structure and easy to draw. Price will go up depending on complexity of markings, accessories wanted, etc.
Complex Design:
More complex body structure. Price will go up depending on complexity of markings, accessories wanted, etc.
All of these options come with a shaded an unshaded version.

Extra AdditionsSimple Background:
Detailed Background:
Form for Regular Commissions
Payment Method:
Commission Type:
Anything to Note:
Form for Design Commissions
Payment Method:
Commission Type:


You can contact me for a commission on Toyhouse, Tumblr, Twitter, DeviantArt or Discord! Discord, DeviantArt and Toyhouse are the fastest ways to reach me! My discord is MinkasReverie#1111I also have a public Trello to keep track of everything I owe! You can see it by clicking the Trello Icon below!